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Consider Chamber Membership

How will membership improve my bottom line?
Membership is an investment in your business and other community businesses.  How you invest in your Chamber membership will impact your results. Many active members experience a return on investment by taking advantage of marketing opportunities, networking at events and connecting with other members.

I don’t have time to attend events. Should I still join?
Absolutely! Your membership is more than events; there are a variety of ways to connect your business. By joining the Chamber, you gain access to advocacy, support, resources, along with marketing opportunities.  As a member, you have the opportunity to collaborate on initiatives and support a strong business community.

Everyone employee who works at your organization becomes a representative/member when you join. This means any of your representatives have access to use Chamber services, attend events and participate in networking and programs. This is a great employee benefit to offer everyone at your company!

How much is Chamber membership?
Membership investments are calculated based on several factors including industry and the number of full-time employees. For an estimate, please contact one of our team members.

Is the Chamber a government or political organization?
Our Chamber is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that is independently operated and funded. We are not part of the city or county government, however, we do advocate for our members.  We connect members to local, state, and federal representatives and provide relevant information. We are a capsule for information: we typically do not endorse political candidates.

How do you decide what initiatives to support?
Advocacy and governmental affairs initiatives are set and driven by members to improve economic development and quality of life in Dunn County. Our board governs and oversees policy and strategic initiatives and look to our members to bring issues and suggestions.  Contact any board member to express interest in Chamber advocacy.