*Employees mean full-time equivalent employees, including owners, managers, and independent contractors. Two part-time employees (30 hours or less) equal one full-time employee.


This investment schedule has been adopted by the Board of Directors to assure fair and equitable financial participation by all members. Areas not covered in these categories will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Chamber’s Board of Directors.



$29 per million of assets in Dunn County as of December 31

Includes banks, savings banks & credit unions



$285 first licensed professional

$85 each additional licensed professional

$13 each full-time equivalent over 3

Includes accountants/CPAs, architects, chiropractors, dentists, doctors, engineers, funeral directors, financial representatives, lawyers, pharmacists, realtors & veterinarians




$285 first 10 units

$5.25/unit, units 11-200

     Individuals & Couples     


$82 individual

$105 couple

Includes retired business executives, elected officials, and others not associated with a business organization


     Service Clubs & Organizations     


$171 clubs & organizations - Rotary, Lions, American Legion, etc.


     Multiple Businesses     


Combine full-time employees for all businesses in the same category. Unrelated businesses with the same owner are considered separate memberships. Calculate investment based on total number of employees and add $44 for each additional business listing.