Meet the Staff

Jody Hagman

Jody Hagman, CEO

Jody oversees the basic functions of the Chamber from programs and events, Tourism initiatives for the region, budget, and staff and committee functions.  She works closely with the Board of Directors to ensure the strategic iniatives are defined and are a continued area of focus for the organizaiton.

Jody Hagman is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin - Stout with a degree in business.  She and her family chose Menomonie for the great school district, sense of pride amongst the community and overall quality of life.  She hopes to strengthen the connections and collaborations within the community, for Menomonie, Dunn County, and beyond.

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Latacia Greeley, Tourism Director

Latcia works with our lodging community to connect the tourism initiatives with the community.  This includes promoting the region to visitors to encourage overnight stays to our community.

Latacia Greeley, a Menomonie native and UW-Stout grad, enjoys spending time outdoors and on the water exploring and taking in the sun. You’ll find her in a kayak, playing sand volleyball or out hitting a few tennis balls.  She also enjoys music and theater-both performing and watching.

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Shanon Lehrke, Communications Specialist

Shanon works with our Programs and Events, which includes some of the AR/AP funcations of the Chamber.

Shanon started her career at the Chamber in May of 2018. She is a UW-Stout graduate with business management experience. She has a passion for education, writing, and helping others reach their goals.


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Kristin Witzel, Communications Specialist

Kristin works mainly with our administrative functions, including chamber checks, Visitor Center, and assisting with the programs and events.  If you call or stop by our Chamber you will most likely be greeted first to the office by Kristin.


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Corinne O'Dell, Menomonie High School Intern

Corinne is working with our tema for the 2018-2019 school year.  Outside of assisting with projects and events she is working closely with Jody on the Junior Chamber program.


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Jolene Sterry, Visitor Center Staff

Jolene works at the Visitor Center.


Judy Kirk, Visitor Center Staff

Judy works at the Visitor Center.