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Chamber Chatter Podcast

Tips, advice and conversations on what matters to businesses in and around Menomonie and Dunn County.

Chamber Chatter is an inclusive conversation starter and a place to share. Hear from the Chamber team, Committee members, and Chamber member Investors. You never know when you might learn something.

New Episodes drop the 2nd & 4th Wednesday of the month

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Episode 17

Featuring Tammy with Brad Waznik, Menomonie Lion's Club member


Did you know that the Menomonie Lion's Club is on of the largest in the state and is very active in the community? Listen to learn more!

Episode 16

Featuring Ashley DeMuth with Padraig Gallagher, Stepping Stones of Dunn County

Discover what is on the horizon for Stepping Stones, including shelter progress, the need for volunteers, and the process of getting food.

Episode 15

Featuring Ashley and Tammy with Lucas Chase, Mabel Tainter Center for the Arts.

The theatre is a cornerstone for locals and visitors alike. Listen as Lucas shares details that you might not notice when you visit.

Episode 14

Featuring Jill Rassach Pember, Rassbach Realty and Grady Richartz, University of Wisconsin - Stout

Take a deep dive into the Young Professionals program. Listen to learn more and understand the value to you and your employees.

Episode 13

Featuring Ashley DeMuth, CEO and Tammy Simon, Explore Menomonie.

What is the Chamber's Explore Menomonie program? Learn about the goals, funding, mission statement, and local partnerships.

Episode 12

Featuring Ashley DeMuth, CEO of the Chamber and Jim Anderson, former Chamber President.

Take a trip down memory lane. Did you know Barbra Bush once visited to celebrate a grand opening of a new structure?

Episode 11

Featuring Tammy Simon, Tourism Manager & Phil Lyons from Downtown Menomonie, Inc.

Expand your knowledge as you listen to discussions on the updates on the organization and the vision for the future.

Episode 10

Featuring Ryan Martin, Conagra Brands &Jolene Fisher, Dunn Energy Cooperative, our past and new chair.

Listen to hear the discussion of what's happening at the Chamber. Get a peek into what is to come for the Chamber!

Episode 9

Featuring Tammy Simon, Explore Menomonie and Mitchell Stai, Recreation Manager, City of Menomonie

What is the tie-in between the recreational opportunities and the tourism industry? Take a listen!

Episode 8

Featuring Melissa Anderson, Program Manager and Tammy Simon, Tourism Manager of the Menomonie Area Chamber & Visitor Center.

Tune in to learn what programs & events the Chamber team have available to Chamber Investors and the community in 2023!

Episode 7

Featuring John Freeman, Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery and Tammy Simon, Explore Menomonie.

Are there differences between the Menomonie and the original 1910 location of Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery? Tune in to learn!

Episode 6

Featuring Tammy Simon, Explore Menomonie and Mayor Randy Knaack, City of Menomonie

Community collaborations are important for a cohesive community. Discover more about the festive fun for the upcoming holiday season, and the fun happenings right here in Menomonie.

Episode 5

Featuring Randy Knaack and Lowell Prange, City of Menomonie and Jon Kroening, Synergy Retirement Planning Strategies, LLC.

On this episode, learn more about workforce development, talent attraction, and tackle some of the myths. Learn more about the "Home Sweet Menomonie" program.

Featuring Melissa Kneeland, Director

Dunn County Historical Society

Learn more about tourism and some of the community events and activities going on. Take advantage of the updates and hands-on interactive exhibits that draw the attention of the young and old at the Rassbach Museum.

Featuring Katherine Frank, Chancellor

University of Wisconsin - Stout

Discover what is happening on campus and its partnership with the community. Katherine discusses personally being welcomed to the community and how those introductions have carried over.

Featuring Ashley DeMuth, CEO; Tammy Simon, Tourism Manager; Melissa Anderson, Program Manager

Menomonie Area Chamber & Visitor Center

Scott and Ashley are talking with Tammy, the tourism manager about Tourism! The focus on this episode is on the “visitor” aspect of what the organization does.

Featuring Ashley DeMuth, CEO; Tammy Simon, Tourism Manager; Melissa Anderson, Program Manager

Menomonie Area Chamber & Visitor Center

The podcast that provides a window in the Menomonie business community and what goes on with the Menomonie Area Chamber and Visitor Center.


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Chamber Chatter is open to Chamber member Investors or by invitation!

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