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Chamber Chatter Podcast


Tips, advice, and conversations on what matters to businesses in and around Menomonie and Dunn County.
Chamber Chatter is an inclusive conversation starter and a place to share. Hear from the Chamber team, Committee members, and Chamber member Investors. You never know when you might learn something.

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Episode 46

Featuring Tammy Simon, Director of Tourism, with Eric Atkinson the City Administrator for the City of Menomonie

Episode 45

Featuring Ashley DeMuth, CEO, with Cindy Brown and Charles Wachsmuth from Chippewa Valley Bean

Join us to explore the rich history and innovative journey of The Chippewa Valley Bean Co, a family agriculture business with farming roots dating back to the 1850s, as Cindy and Charles share their commitment to quality and job preservation.

Episode 44

Featuring Tammy Simon, Director of Tourism, with Zaria and Sara from Landmark Conservancy.

Discover the latest in environmental conservation efforts on Chamber Chatter Podcast, shedding light on our region's natural resources

Episode 43

Featuring Ashley DeMuth, CEO, with Bill Albright Co-Owner of CapVest LLC

Ashley sits down with Bill Albright from CapVest, LLC to discuss commercial and residential development in Menomonie and beyond. Learn about their journey and the challenges of property development.

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