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Chamber Luncheons

The Chamber Luncheons are new quarterly events that address evolving trends and needs of the business community. Join us at these events for the opportunity to listen to impactful keynote speakers, learn, and engage in meaningful networking conversations. Stay informed on upcoming Chamber Luncheons by reading our digital newsletters, looking at our website, and following us on our social media platforms.

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Topic: Leadership

Date: June 11, 2024

Location: Bill's Distributing | 5900 Packer Drive NE, Menomonie, WI


Michelle Von Ruden
Von Ruden Coaching & Consulting, LLC

Maxwell Leadership Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker

Leadership Luncheon presents an exceptional opportunity for both emerging and seasoned leaders to dive deep into the essentials of team building. Michelle is renowned for her passion in leadership and personal development, promising to bring fresh insights and practical strategies to the forefront of business community discussions.

This even focuses on team building themes and the evolving dynamics of the workplace. It’s set to explore three components crucial for forging a winning team:

  • The Company's Vision and Your Purpose: This segment emphasizes the alignment of individual goals with the overarching mission of the organization. Discover the significance of each team member understanding their role in the bigger picture.
  • Attitude and How It Defines the Team's Success: Here, the focus shifts to the collective mindset of the team. Michelle will delve into how a positive attitude can propel a team to new heights, underpinning the essence of teamwork and collaboration.
  • Accountability and Why It Matters: The final key item underscores the importance of responsibility within the team. Michelle will explore the mechanisms of accountability, illustrating its impact on trust-building and the achievement of mutual goals.

The luncheon offers more than just listening—it's interactive. Attendees will gain tools to boost their leadership journey, leaving with both knowledge and practical aids for their careers.

Event Registration Deadline: May 28, 2024

Event Registration:

$35 / Chamber Investor Employee
$70 / Public Rate

Additional Chamber Investor Package
$180 / Table of 6

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Chamber Luncheon Schedule

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