Chamber Checks

Chamber Checks are the Menomonie Area's most popular gift for birthdays, weddings, and many other special occasions. With over $90,000 in Chamber Checks sold each year, this program is definitely a big advantage to being a Chamber member. These gift certificates may be used at member businesses participating in the program, and are available in amounts up to $50 each. A directory of participating businesses is included with each Chamber Check purchase.

Where Do We Get Chamber Checks?

Chamber Checks are available for purchase at the Menomonie Area Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center.

How Does My Business
Get Reimbursed?

Chamber Checks are live checks, and may be included with your daily bank deposits. If your business takes in any of the former Chamber Dollars, please still bring those to the front desk at the Chamber. A check will be issued for the full amount of redeemed Chamber Dollars, and mailed directly to your business.

Is There a
Cost to Participate?

There is no cost to participate in the member-exclusive Chamber Checks program. If you would like to accept Chamber Checks at your business, call the Chamber today at 715-235-9087.